Equipment Care

We want your purchases to have a long life serving you reliably. All fridges should be looked after by a yearly service, contractors maybe able to service your kitchen fridges when they service your air conditioning (if you have any)

Here are a few points which will help prolong the life of your equipment.

Wipe over door seals weekly. A build up a sticky food debris on the rubbers will eventually lead to them ripping. Make sure doors shut tightly with no gaps.

Clean Internal Areas of the appliances, a cleaning rota in a busy kitchen should help.

Monitor temperatures, daily and accurately

Keep a gap round your fridges they need to breath, any heat from inside the fridge is dissipated from the external of the casing, This maybe a fixed grill or a fan driven condenser(usually with a grill) Keep all grills accessible and free from any fluff. Remember a non maintained cabinet will struggle to keep your goods at the required temperature. This will cost you money in electric bills and more importantly the environmental cost.

Use night blinds on multi decks.

Food in serve over displays should be placed into chilled storage over night and not left in the serve over.

Keep food at the correct Temperatures, this is a quick guide on what temperature's food should be kept at.

Bottled Beers +1 to 10C

White Wines +4 to +10C

Pre Chilled Food +1 to + 4C (including Dairy)

Fresh Meat -2 to 0C

Fresh fish -1 to +1 C ( specific fridges must be used for the storage of fresh fish)

Blast Chillers +70 to -3C or +70 to -18C in 90 or 240 minutes retrospectively

Frozen Food -18 to -22C

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