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Merrychef Eikon E2 Combination Oven

Dimensions ( H x W x D ) 633 x 383 x 785 mm not including handle
Depth with door open1020 mm
Controls Touch Screen
Power Supply 230 volts single phase
Power Max3.4 kW
Weight 68 kG
Magnetrons 1
Warranty1 year parts and labour warranty
Delivery Uk Mainland included
A great opportunity for customers who are looking to capture additional hot food revenues but have previously been limited by space and expertise.The compact e2 appliance lets anyone cook 'hot food to go" perfectly every time with the touch of an eikon. With our e2 Twin, we off er you the new opportunity to connect two e2s together and double the capacity from one power supply.

Easy to use
• Pictoral easyToUCH™ screen technology
• MenuConnectฎ software enables instant USB menu updates
• Monitored filter design for ease of daily maintenance
Guaranteed perfect results every time
• Precise power levels to cook the most delicate
• Programmes downloaded across multiple
outlets via USB memory stick
Reduced queuing and service times
• Increase speed, service, quality and freshness
• Four heating technologies (convected heat, Planar
Plumes, impingement air and microwave energy)
• Cooks up to 15 x faster (than traditional cooking

• The cool-to-touch oven means food heats quickly while the outside stays cool
Cost effective
• Cooking to order reduces waste
• Latest catalyst technology eliminates grease and reduces cook odours, avoiding the need for separate extraction and ventilation systems Minimise lifetime operational costs
• Now available on energy efficient standby mode
• Reduced installation cost – with plug & play capability
• Reduced training times – with Eikon driven controls
• Easy to clean
• In built diagnostics avoid unnecessary service calls
• Ethernet connectivity (optional)

Simple operation with easy TOUCH™
Touch screen control
• Up to 10 x faster preparation times
• Very energy effi cient and quiet
(< 50dB)
• Compact design
• Download recipes via the USB port
• e2 Twin: operate two appliances
through one electrical connection

Ideal for
Caf้s and bistros with
trendy menus
• Kiosks
• Smaller snack bars
• All suppliers of crispy snacks

Great for cooking
• Pizza slices
• Chicken wraps


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