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Multideck open fronted fridges to include slimline multidecks, low height multidecks, fruit and veg multidecks. Stainless steel and white versions available
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Argus Range
AV Range
Blizzard Alpha Range
Blizzard HC Low Front
Canedo (Low Height)
Flower Display Fridge
Framec Small (Slim)
Framec Sunnny White
Framec Sunny Stainless
Framec Sunny with Doors
Fresco (Low)
Frost-Tech Low Height
Frost-Tech Slim Black
Frost-Tech Slim Stainless Steel
Interlevin Evo Low Height
Interlevin RC II Range
Interlevin RC II Stainless
Interlevin SP60 Slimline
Interlevin SP80 + Doors
Interlevin SP80 Range
Mafirol Apolo Slim Multideck
Mafirol Cronus Low Height
Mafirol Cronus Plus Stainless Steel 855mm Deep
Mafirol Cronus Stainless Steel 632mm Deep
Marao II
Marao II Fruit / Veg
Marao II Meat
Mondial Jolly - Stainless
Mondial Jolly - White
Mondial Jolly Junior
Mondial Jolly Meat Temperature
Mondial Slim - Stainless
Mondial Slim - White
Segura Roller Shutter
Shelly Range
Smart Range
Super Sunny
Trimco Regalo Low level
Vizela II Fruit
Vizela II Stainless Steel
Vizela II White
Vouga Range
Mondial Oasi Inflatable Multideck
Mondial Oasi Inflatable Multideck
Inflatable Display caseIdeal for festivals, ouitside events and exhibitionsBlow up the display case ( with air) , slide the refrigeration units into the bottom ...

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